What are the Myths about Content Marketing and SEO?

What are the Myths about Content Marketing and SEO?

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There is various myths regarding the terms Content Marketing and SEO. People usually thinks that Content Marketing and SEO fit together.

But the thing of consideration is that do they really, fit together?

Are you among the one who is having the same or similar confusion with Content Marketing and SEO? If yes, then this blog post will sure clear the myths about Content Marketing and SEO.

Before we peep into the content let me first inform you that Content Marketing and SEO work together. In this post, we will discuss why Content Marketing is about SEO and SEO is about Content Marketing.


Crux: Content Marketing and SEO are not unified


People usually think that Content Marketing and SEO are not unified, they consider it as if both the terms are different from each other.  But the fact is that they both the terms are connected with each other.

The myth has increased to such extend whose results are these, have a look.

Crux with Content Marketing and SEO


Do these headings make any sense to you?

How it is possible that content marketing will overtake SEO? As we all know that to have an outstanding content marketing is achieved only through SEO.

The truth is that Content Marketing and SEO overlap each other. Just like this.

Content Marketing and SEO overlap each other


And this is the correct way to look both Content Marketing and SEO.

The correct way to look both Content Marketing and SEO


Well there is difference between Content Marketing and SEO


No doubt Content Marketing and SEO are different from each other in several critical ways and you are able to separate them entirely.

Let’s just look into the elemental contrast rather than to make the point difference between them as that may confuse you.

  • SEO is narrow and high-tech
  • Content Marketing is vast and comprehensive.

We can converge the above two statement as:

As mentioned in my previous paras that to ensure a successful content marketing one should apply SEO techniques to it. In other words, we can say that SEO will make demands and content marketing will fulfill the demands. Have a look.

They fulfill each others demad


This is how you can define the two terms where they can connect with each other though they are different.


Points to clear your doubt


1. SEO demands Content and content marketing itself is a content


Can you imagine SEO without any content? No, right? As to judge anything for SEO, you need articles and keywords. According to, to the content, we are able to implement the SEO for that content.

When SEO demands content then content marketing respond to that demand.


2. SEO demand keywords whereas content marketing use that content


You all might be knowing that keywords are one of the feature of SEO. As the Google is using this feature of SEO to rank any article or blog post. Using appropriate keywords improve the visibility of your content thus play an important in ranking.

The strategical use of keywords over your content is the beneficial way to target your viewers.  


3. SEO demand backlinks whereas content marketing includes backlinks


Backlinks are another feature which helps SEO to make a judgment. We can say SEO dream about backlinks and this is fulfilled by content marketing. You can do link-building by linking it with reputable backlinks or else if you prefer for the best way then can write an extraordinary content and provoke others to use it as a backlink.


Over to you


These were some of the myths regarding the Content Marketing and SEO. Hope I clear on my words to explain you the correct way to consider both the terms and I wish you are clear to these terms after reading this blog post.

At last, I just want to say that you are not a content marketer unless you are also an SEO. Conversely, you are not an SEO unless you are also a content marketer.

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