While our services reach well beyond the scope of Search Engine Optimization, solid SEO is the cornerstone and foundation of any digital marketing campaign. Any marketing company who argues differently doesn’t understand the role that SEO plays in the digital universe.

Client Analysis and Application

We want to understand who you are and what do you do – as well as what your competition does. We cannot work with everyone and we have a very specific and comprehensive guarantee in place. We need to ensure that we are able to help each new client according to our demanding specifications. Each of the Market Mongoose packages is customized for every new client to deliver the specific goals we outline for your campaign.

Each of the Market Mongoose packages is customized for each new client to deliver the specific goals we outline for your campaign.

Website Architecture & Content Analysis

If your content is not unique or you have a very thin content on your site we will suggest changes you can make thereby will able to stand out from the crowd and get ahead of the competition.

As the search engines gets more crowded, unique content and on page optimization of websites is becoming increasingly important to stand out from the crowd in your market.

Quality content serves as the foundation for social promotions, search engine optimization, press releases, mobile optimized sites, and more generally – SALES. Lead generation and sales do not happen without quality content that is engaging and unique.

We offer copy writing and SEO content generation for our clients as well as on page optimization services. For now we do not offer these services as standalone solutions in order to give full attention and focus to our clients.

Market & Keyword Research

We use the world’s most comprehensive database of keywords and link analysis tools in order to understand your market and competition fully. Our services are guaranteed 100% because our work is infallible backed by structured and well organized research – we will not disappoint you – or we will not accept your money

Content Development

Marketing FAIL!!!!!!

Most digital marketing agencies fall short in developing a solid content strategy. We take into account that tens of thousands of words are needed to create the perfect digital marketing solution. We succeed where others fail!

All of your press releases, articles, and page content is written by professional copywriters, SEO writers, or our in house writing staff

  • We never produce spam content – we are always contributing to the strength of the web on your behalf
  • Your content is focused and concentrated on your specific campaign goals
  • You won’t have to worry about the information being sent out into the digital universe regarding your brand

Tiered Backlink Development & Content Assignment

Upon developing content unique to your business and brand and purposes we structure a link building approach and social media exposure approach to be deadly effective.

We’ll leave our footprints in marketing history – not in the search engine’s database. Each client’s strategy development is unique – we utilize over 50 networks (and always growing) delivering different types of content – see our pricing page for more details.

Social Signals across multiple URL’s

Market Mongoose takes ALL THE KEY INDICATORS FROM THE LARGEST AND MOST TRAFFICKED social networks – this is not just likes or follows or tweets – and we bring your target audience to you in a way that has never before been done.

Social signals are the future of the web – links will always be around, but aside from offering social proof to your audience – by spreading your influence and message across millions of eyeballs .

Analysis & Reporting

Our reporting covers only pertinent information to prevent information overload.

Upon Signup – Month 1

  • On page analysis
  • Overall SEO analysis
  • Rankings of individual keywords in the search engines through a client login dashboard
  • At your request custom social profiles will be furnished that are utilized for link building
  • Management dashboard to see the activities going on with your campaign on an ongoing basis