Initial analysis

How can we explain it to clients?


This is a total marketing solution online – we have you covered from social media to the search engines. Please read the services overview – will help you with positioning!

What if the clients don’t know the keywords? Can we pick for them and let them assess?

Yes – keyword research is included in diamond. Basic keyword research is included in all the packages. Meaning they just need to provide a list of 20 words that would describe their business.

How do you accept payments? Paypal for now – these are monthly recurring charges.

Paypal online for now or direct wire. $297/month for silver–you got it. Client should have 100% unique content and update their site or a blog on their domain regularly. On page SEO should be tight – if we find a lot of on page issues and you would like us to fix it’s $10/page.



How much unique content are you writing?

10’s of thousands of words a month. All handwritten for tier 1’s. From comments to social signals to unique blog posts – it’s all written by hand – we don’t spin anything. It’s all completed by in house staff.

— Is it better if we provide content? Is there a discount if we do?

Easier on us but not required – no there is no discount if you provide your own content. Because of the processes we have in place and the bottlenecks that occur we CANNOT submit for prior approval for content to the client (yes you can say this to your clients – they don’t want you wasting their time and probably won’t read the content anyway!) .

To give you an idea Our press releases go through email wire and they have TIGHT restrictions on quality and composition of their content — this can give you an idea of the quality of writing we are doing if you are interested.

— how about branding etc of the content, clients might want to know what’s written about them

Then it’s best for you to write and get approval first.

— what type of content is created — is it all text?

Noooo – text, pictures, videos (properly tagged and content is taken from client’s website), if they are getting a platinum or diamond, the mobile website is included and content as well :). We create powerpoints, pod casts, pad files, videos with music (animoto) , pdfs, ANY and all content channels are addressed based on client needs.



— How long does it take to see the progress?

Depends on their current rankings, current content, competition level for the keywords. Depends every time. Some clients see movement from day 3. Some it takes us a month or longer.

— How many reports do we get in a month?

4 progress reports per month. If link reports are requested we will send one per month.


— Can we get links to track our progress?

Reports are aggregate data (for now) Comparative link analysis at an aggregate level, competition side by side, traffic reporting overtime, tracking SERP rankings. Yes we are now providing link reports upon request.

— How do we track our site’s increase — what if they don’t have analytics?

We use SEOMOZ we can still pull traffic data and will report on it on a weekly basis – its just more granular if we can get the analytics. Every time in each package analytics installed as well as WMT is included if FTP access is granted.

— what software or system do you use to track the initial placement to the improved one — I need to ask this since I have to present this!

Serpbook.com – tracks results to top 500 in all 3 search engines as well as page rank and it tracks on a URL by URL basis which is why it is nice that we focus on 1 URL per keyword.

— what is the difference of our service from other ones?

Our social signals – no one has the reach we do or can provide these services in this manner to such a wide reaching audience.

The comprehensive nature of each package—We do it the best no stone is left unturned and we are providing the most critical elements of SEO and social media in order to beat the competition in even the most competitive industries. Nobody even comes close.

Our team – the team is made up of 3 black hat baddasses – one of us (me) has focused on positioning BH services for offline customers who don’t understand it in a way that makes sense. From different sectors of marketing. Our combined skillsets create a synergy and ability to produce the kind of service delivery that every marketer will envy in the near future.

On the higher end packages we are building a custom facebook app for their business and a mobile website is included as well as on page SEO included for Diamond. Not only is this rarely addressed by SEO’s that charge what we do – but it’s not understood or even recommended to take care of these things in a structured manner for the most part.

Panda and Penguin customized packages – no matter how difficult the competition or what the penalty. Our staff is made up of engineers and optimization enthusiasts – there is no task too challenging as long as realistic expectations are set.

Public Relations


— how can public relations help me?

Distribution to national and international news and media channels gets the client’s site in front of the people who make media placement decisions. This can result in a lot of publicity and a big boost in traffic. Let’s not forget about the dozens, hundreds, or possibly thousands of backlinks 1 press release can result in for the targeted URL.

Mobile SEO


— How much is this?

$399 + $20/month if they get a silver or gold package. It’s included in Platinum and Diamond as long as they are a paying customer. Once they leave the mobile website hosting fees would be $20/month



— How would they know progress?

See sample reports 🙂

— How much traffic will they get?

No one can answer this in one sentence or less – will take a look on a case by case basis.This is why advanced keyword research is ideal – if we start with the wrong keywords we are not going to get them enough traffic. The right keywords traffic will be worth their weight in gold for most industries.

How much is advanced Keyword Research and On Page SEO?


$10/page for on page SEO this includes optimization of H1, H2s, meta tags, alt tags (if applicable) and meta keywords. We will also check for opportunities to use the new rel=author